Body Work

Bodywork is a unique and holistic approach to treating pain caused by an array of health conditions. It involves manipulation techniques for eliminating muscle tension, increasing range of motion and realigning the entire body so that it can move without pain. Bodywork services are offered in addition or as an alternative to needling treatment.

Given your particular needs, your treatment plan will usually consist of one or more of the following bodywork services:


Light pressure applied to specific areas of the body. Restores health and promotes balance.


Often applied to the back and shoulders, cupping is used to break up stagnation and promote healing. With lighter suction cupping can be applied to the face and other areas of the body to move lymphatic fluids and improve skin tone.

Electric Stimulation

Applied to the ear and body, e-stim machines can both locate and treat acupuncture points. Specific frequencies delivered from the machine through a needle or directly to the skin adjust the biochemistry needed to balance the nervous
system: for pain, neuropathy, addictions, mood disorders, hormonal, general health.


The study and practice of massage and acupressure on specific reflex points of the feet, hands, ears and face.

Tui Na

Deep pressure, acupressure and massage.

Zero Balancing Principles

Foundation for my understanding of acupuncture, this was the first course I took in Acupuncture school. Studies with Dr. Fritz Smith.

Gua Sha

For pains, sprains and strains of the neck, back, and whole body. A small tool is used to scrape the skin and trigger the inflammatory response which stimulates healing of an injured area into a healthier, more functional state. With light pressure can be applied to the face and neck to promote beauty and treat afflictions to the head and face like, headaches and sinus congestion.

Swedish Massage

For muscle strain and improved circulation, massage oil is applied to the neck, back and spine, hands, arms, feet and ankles. Effleurage, (gliding motion), petrissage (lifting, squeezing), friction, tapotement (rhythmic percussive) and vibration.


Through their hands a practitioner of Reiki channels from the source of abundant vibrational healing energy in the Universe. Laying energized hands on a patient while focusing pure intention of healing is a powerful combination.


Meet Your Body Work Practioner

Daniel practices a blend of massage therapy and bodywork techniques acquired over the last 20 years. He is certified Level II Reiki Practitioner and certified Omega Integrative Massage therapist. He incorporates acupressure, Meridian Massage, foot reflexology, qi gong, assisted yoga stretches, Zero Balancing©, Gua Sha, heat therapy and cupping into sessions depending on the conditions being treated. Bodywork therapies are intended to compliment the acupuncture session, but can also be used independently.

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